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Representing AE at a recent luncheon

As a well-known Dallas internet marketing agency, we’re regularly asked to step outside the office and attend various industry events (and we’re often happy to oblige!)  One in particular being the Dallas American Advertising Federation’s ADDYs Award Ceremony, where you will find our smiling faces this evening. While we thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, eating a nice meal, sipping on refreshments and handing out our snazzy business cards, we know that the purpose of the event doesn’t begin at its designated time and end when we walk out the door. From the moment we’re asked to attend an industry event, the networking begins!

We do our best to reach out to individuals who will be attending the same event weeks prior and put faces to names so when we meet in person, it will be as if we’re seeing an old friend. We also help promote the event on social platforms by tweeting with the event’s hashtag, liking Facebook posts that pertain to the event and posting on all platforms that we are looking forward to attending the event.

Once the event is over, the networking continues! Every business card received is turned into a new LinkedIn connection, Facebook friend or Twitter follower. Emails are sent and meetings are set up. What better ways are there to form new business relationships? The networking goes beyond the handshake. Soon you’ll be introducing business partners and new friends as “a guy I tweeted before an event a few years back.” The story of a true relationship successfully taken offline.

We hope to see you tonight at the ADDYs Award Ceremony and other future events! Make sure to send us a tweet, give us a shout on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn.

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