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If you missed out on the 2014 DFW American Marketing Association Awards, here are the results and a look at some of the winners and entries. Of course, everyone was looking professional and no one walked away a loser. These events are not just a time to show off, they’re a great time to pick some of the best brains in the marketing industry. Plus, it never hurts to see how you measure up.

Congratulations to everyone involved, especially the winners. Next year will be even better.

Dallas is BIG

The Dallas Convention & Visitors’ Bureau (TracyLocke): “Big Things Happen Here”

Get With The Guidelines - AFib, Wins DFW AMA Award

American Heart Association (Poppywriter Creative Services reinhardt / creative): “Get With The Guidelines – AFib”

Research in Motion (Javelin Marketing Group) Wins for Blackberry Pull-Tab Mailer

Research in Motion (Javelin Marketing Group): “Blackberry Pull Tab” Direct Mailer

Phillips 66 Tank5 Instant Win Game

Phillips 66 (SCAinteractive) “Phillips 66 Tank5 Instant Win Game”


North Texas Giving Day 2013 Wins at DFW AMA

Communities Foundation of Texas (O&H Brand Design): “North Texas Giving Day 2013”

HP (AMS Pictures): “HP Storywall”

HP (AMS Pictures): “HP Storywall”

JFK 50 For 50

Agency Entourage: JFK 50 For 50

CMO of the Year – Debra Berman, JC Penney 
Collegiate of the Year – Ganapath (Ramu) Velu, The University of Texas at Dallas

Branding – The Dallas Convention & Visitors’ Bureau (TracyLocke): “Big Things Happen Here”

New Product/Service Launch – American Heart Association (Poppywriter Creative Services & reinhardt / creative): “Get With The Guidelines®-AFIB New Program/Product Launch”

Direct Mail Marketing – Research in Motion (Javelin Marketing Group): “Blackberry Pull Tab”

Mobile Marketing – Phillips 66 (SCAinteractive): “Phillips 66 Tank5 Instant Win Game”

Marketing Research – SPYCH (Spych Marketing Analytics): “Redefining the ROI of Research”

Event Marketing – HMS: “‘Destination: Payment Paradise’ / 2013 NHCAA Conference”

Public Relations – Communities Foundation of Texas (O&H Brand Design): “North Texas Giving Day 2013”

Interactive Media – HP (AMS Pictures): “HP Storywall”

Social/Viral Marketing – Kalkomey Enterprises Inc. (Wright IMC): “Kalkomey Enterprises Inc.”

Innovative/Emerging Marketing Technologies – HP (AMS): “HP Innovation Room”
Their Experience Demonstration Center showcases consulting and other enterprise solutions across a range of industries.

Integrated Marketing – Mary Kay Inc.: Mary Kay 50th Anniversary Celebration “One Woman Can” Campaign

Just as a recap on some of the night’s guests and speakers:

Keynote Clay Dover, Chief Marketing Officer of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers generously devoted his time to encourage creativity and share a few company experiences with their event and integrated marketing strategies. His message lives vicariously through Steve Job’s quote, “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connectexperiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”


Emcee Tom Dennis Rocks Emcee for 2014 DFW AMA Awards

Emcee Tom Dennis, Director of Marketing for Blanks is Rocking the Stage

You can always count on brands grabbing impressions in a room full of Dallas marketers. Emcee Tom Dennis, Director of Marketing at Blanks responsively updated the crowd with National Football League draft picks as to keep everyone engaged for whom had otherwise diverted their attention to their sports feeds. (ahem)

Jonathan Morris of Agency Entourage

Jonathan Morris of Agency Entourage Presents Best Mobile Marketing

And of course, our very own Ben Randolph and Jonathan Morris presented the awards for Mobile Marketing and Innovative/Emerging Marketing Technologies, as tribute to Agency Entourage’s victories last year.


As a professional, and a human being in general, I can say there’s never time to spare and never a missed opportunity when you do the things you love with people who work to create a better world. The DFW AMA did an outstanding job and we look forward to reclaiming the throne next year.

Agency Entourage Group Picture

Agency Entourage Always Looks Good

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