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We love blogging at Agency Entourage

I went into a meeting the other day overjoyed by the fact that a client of mine has (finally) decided to implement a blog for their website. If every client of mine blogged, I’d be the happiest camper in the campsite. I can’t begin to explain how important it is to be out there and part of the blog-o-sphere. And not just blogging for the sake of blogging either, but strategically blogging and using the countless number of helpful tools available to bloggers everywhere.

Below, I offer only seven reasons why your company and clients need to be blogging on a consistent basis:

1. Blogging helps to tie all aspects of a your digital presence together. It ties together everything you’re doing socially and even aids with SEO, keywords, etc. Even The Dude from The Big Lebowski thinks so – see why.

2. With daily blogging, you’re able to showcase your expertise. This means the killer content you’re producing can help you get noticed and perceived as an industry leader. It can also help to show the personality of the company or client, whatever it may be.

3. “It’s nearly impossible to be effective with, on, and around social media without blogging. This is a vital way to stay engaged with your audience and to maintain and build a social presence. Pros blog. Period.” Bam! Becky Gaylord says it all in her PR Daily post.

4. Blogging daily with fresh, original content helps you get a better ranking on Google, which means more opportunities to pop up in people’s searches. That’s not only great for the blog, but for the website, too.

5. Blogging can help you make connections. Most industries, if not all, are blogging these days. Just by searching, you can discover blogs or thought leaders for almost any topic. Once you find said blog or thought leader, you’ll want to connect via a few different options. You can add the blog to your blogroll, guest blog or blog comment, just to name a few. Doing this further helps to expand your reach as a blogger, your blog’s reach, and it can attract people back to your blog.

6. You can completely start a new conversation. With every blog post, comes the chance to start a discussion and get a conversation going. Who knows? You could be one of the first people to post something relevant, newsworthy or truly unique and your blog get picked up and then spread like wildfire. (Here’s an example of that. It’s an off-topic blog post, but it received a lot of attention because it was something unique and worth reading.)

7. Blogs are so easy to share. Add social buttons to each post, throw a great post in your monthly email newsletter, share images on Pinterest via blog posts that link back, and so much more. There are so many ways to share blog posts online, it’s insane.

Do you need help developing a blog or coming up with killer content? Learn about Agency Entourage’s capabilities, an award winning, Dallas-based digital marketing agency, and see how we can help you get to bloggin’!

Do you personally blog or blog for your company and/or clients? What do you think is the most beneficial thing about a blog?

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