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Video Blogging Digital Public RelationsIn the PR industry, routine vlogging (video blogging) is a great addition to your company and clients’ online presence. It allows your audience a chance to see and relate to a “face” for the brand or company and they can enjoy visual content. Hey, even though it’s nonconventional, Jenna Marbles has transformed into a YouTube and internet phenomenon for simply video blogging. (Warning: viewer discretion is advised.)

Here are a few best practices for becoming the best vlogger you can be:

1. Remember this acronym: KIS

You may be asking yourself, “why are you spelling ‘kiss’ without the other ‘s’ and what on Earth does this have to do with video blogging?” Well, KIS stands for Keep It Short. That’s right, with video blogging you want to keep your video as short as it needs to be to get your point across. Obviously on the internet (and all of those distracting videos in the YouTube sidebar), your audience won’t want to watch a lengthy, 10 minute video of you blabbering away. You need to keep it short so you can keep people’s attention while still getting your message across.

2. Plan ahead for each vlog.

Each video blog you create, you’ll want to plan ahead. Plan what the entire concept of the video will be, plan what shots you’d like to shoot and even write out the entire script of the video. (Just don’t read it off when shooting…who wants to watch that?) This will save you time, energy and make shooting your vlog an easier process for everyone involved.

3. Change up the composition of your shots.

Try unique shots, like asymmetrical shots where the subject could be off-center, to change up the hum drum shots you see with video blogging. Also, a tripod and steady camera helps in MAJOR ways when you’re vlogging. Keep It Short and Keep It Steady!

4. Have fun with it!

Unless it’s a serious topic, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your company’s or client’s vlog. You can throw in a little “comedy”, if you’re capable of it that is, because people enjoy and are more entertained by watching funny stuff. Crack an appropriate joke and don’t forget to smile every once and awhile. (Do I sound like a mom here?)

Now that you know some essential tips for video blogging for your company or clients, it’s time for Lights! Camera! Action! Do you routinely video blog? If so, what do you do to always try to do to keep your viewers engaged?

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