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Although your Twitter bio is only 160 characters, it’s a great opportunity to express a little bit about who you are. Take advantage of this short blurb and fill it with words that help get your message across. Be sure to cover these three bases when writing or re-writing your bio:
1. Say something about what you do.
Use your bio to give readers and idea of what you do, or what they can look forward to from your tweets. Before following you, most people will review your bio to determine whether or not they can expect you to tweet relevant information and your bio is a great place to briefly tell them.
2. Evoke your personality.
Remember your brand is not a robot and there’s no need to convince people who come across your profile that you are. If your tweets are funny add something humorous to your bio. If your brand’s culture is fun let that playfulness shine in your bio. Don’t be afraid to be transparent.
3. Make them want to know more.
Ultimately, you want your Twitter bio to make users take action. Tell them enough to make them interest and want to know more by clicking on the link to your web content and/or follow you.
Now that you know what to include, take a look at your bio to see how it can be improved! Still have questions? Agency Entourage can help you with all of your social media needs.
southwest air twitter bio

Great example of a Twitter bio by Southwest Airlines

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