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 In ae-ideas, SXSW

Many people (myself included) are guilty of it. You could be in the midst of a world-renowned speaker, or, perhaps your favorite band. What are you doing? Looking down at your phone/tablet/laptop! One thing I have noticed throughout my time at SXSW 2015 is the number of people fixated on their electronic device of choice. I understand the need to send a quick email or take a picture of something that truly piques your interest, but do you really need to be on your phone throughout an entire hour-long session? I have seen people hunched over in the corner of a conference room with their phone plugged into the only outlet in the room. I have even experienced a few people talking “quietly” on the phone in the back of the room during a panel. Disruptive to say the least.

If anyone understands the need for a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, it’s someone who works in a digital agency. However, there’s a time and a place. If you don’t look up, you could be missing something vitally important to your career growth. You could miss an important connection or maybe an invaluable lesson. So, look up! Take it all in. There’s something new to learn every second of every day. Don’t waste it on frantically looking for an outlet to recharge your phone.

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