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Dallas Ad Agency Insight: Think like Mad Men, Email like a Mad Man

As I promised in my previous Agency Entourage blog, “The Hunger Games, and March Madness, and Mad Men, Oh My!,” I have spent the past few weeks watching the entire series of Mad Men. I’m so happy to finally be a part of the Mad Men fan club. Or should I say the Don Draper fan club? I now know why women swoon over him and men secretly want to be just like him.

Working for an advertising agency has made me appreciate Mad Men for more than its pop culture appeal. I love seeing the way things worked in the advertising world in the 1960’s. And, of course, I also love getting insight into the method behind Don Draper’s madness. Let’s face it- fictional or not, he’s an advertising genius.

Here’s one of my favorite Don Draper-isms:

“People want to be told so badly what to do that they’ll listen to anyone.” -Don Draper

Read it, love it, do it. Next time you’re getting ready to prepare an email for your email marketing campaign, ask yourself these questions:

1. What am I selling?

2. Who am I selling it to?

3. Why will people want to buy this product?

When it comes to email marketing, be straightforward. Don’t leave too much to the imagination. Like Don Draper says, people want to be told what to do and what to buy.

If you need help taking your email marketing campaign to the next level, take a look at our email marketing agency’s capabilities. Our Agency Entourage team will channel our inner Don Drapers and come up with a campaign for your brand unlike any other.

Tell us- are you a Mad Men fan?

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