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Ethan Taylor

Greetings and salutations. My name is Ethan Taylor and I am a senior in my last semester at the University of North Texas double majoring in journalism with a concentration in advertising and media arts. I’m excited to be Agency Entourage’s fall copywriting intern for 2018.

What’s the deal with….

My academic career and journey into the world of advertising is a long-winding road that winds its way to the top of a mountain. An epic quest if ever there were one. I started off my years at university in a culinary program. I then jumped ship and studied humanities. All the while unsure of what I was doing. I liked these things but could not see myself finding a job I would enjoy. After a long, hard look at my priorities, I realized what I loved more than anything was to write and create. With that in mind, I spoke with my family and decided to move back to Texas to focus on film and advertising.

To boldly go.

Little did I realize I would enjoy writing taglines just as much as I enjoyed working with cameras or directing a set.  Nor did I understand just how much synergy existed between my two degrees. After several classes and interning with a local production company named Datalus Pictures, I found myself with the skills to write radio and television commercials and to record and edit them with very little turnaround time.

Finally, I had made the right choice. I now knew that all my time searching had not been in vain. I was convinced that the education I had earned allowed a leg up on others who did not grasp both industries. With advertising in a digital space and demand for new content only increasing in frequency, I knew I was in position to be at the forefront of change. I think most of my life has led me here and now I am eager not just to continue forging my own path, but to lay down pavement along the way.

If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.

I am proud to have been selected to represent agency entourage and look forward to the challenges that await me. A person cannot grow, improve or benefit from life without obstacles to overcome so I know my time here will be well spent. It is here that I will build upon the foundation previously laid by my education. Writing copy is the art of creating conversation about a product or service and I am here to learn to create.

-Ethan Taylor

Are you interested in interning with Agency Entourage like Ethan Taylor? Contact internships@agencyentourage.com for more information!

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