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Good news for Facebook marketers! A new change to Facebook’s news feed algorithm means that brands will now have more reach than ever.

This update works to increase the audience of a page, and we all know that our audience is our biggest asset! From now on, when a page tags another page on a post, that content will show up in the news feed for fans of both pages. This means that the audience that originally was going to see that post, just doubled or even tripled in size! With this new update we will get more reach, more engagement and more fans organically.

Take a look at the example below.

By tagging SXSW in this post, Agency Entourage will now reach some of SXSW’s fans, too, even if they do not follow Agency Entourage.

Something similar to this has already been in effect with friends on personal profiles. When someone is tagged in a photo, the tagged person’s friends may see that photo in their news feed, even though they aren’t connected to the original person that posted the photo. The difference and, in turn, the benefit of incorporating this same algorithm into pages, means that depending on how many fans the page you tagged has, you could potentially increase your audience by thousands, if not millions of users. Because chances are your Facebook friends don’t have thousands, if not millions of friends.

This new feature only works when a page tags another page. A typical user cannot expand his or her audience by tagging a page in a post.

We hope you find this new Facebook update beneficial to your business. If you would like help with your Facebook page or if you have any digital marketing questions or concerns, please call us at (214) 414-3035.

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