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Sky-high egos and six inch heels aren’t the only inhabitants that will occupy Hollywood Boulevard during the 86th Academy Awards. Some of the world’s biggest and most innovative brands are increasingly taking advantage of huge events, such as the Oscars, for experiential marketing purposes. Experiential marketing enables consumers to physically experience and engage with a brand. This hopefully fosters an unforgettable, and often times emotional, union between the consumer and the brand. Once this brand/consumer relationship is established, the expectation is that the consumer will stimulate discussion via social media or good old fashioned word-of-mouth. Let’s take a look at what top brands are up to during this year’s Oscars.

Banana Republic: In order to increase brand awareness, Banana Republic is utilizing digital media integration by using their YouTube channel as a means to broadcast live on the red carpet. YouTube sensation Justine will be the host, wearing one of the company’s new spring collection dresses. Let’s just hope she doesn’t end up on E!’s Fashion Police with Joan Rivers.

Vanity Fair Social Club: As part of a bigger initiative called Campaign Hollywood, Vanity Fair has set up WeWork work stations on Hollywood Boulevard this week in hopes of luring in top Oscar bloggers and reporters. The work areas come equipped with enticing amenities, including a vending machine powered by Twitter. They are encouraging these influencers to use #VFSocialClub as the official hashtag for the club.  This is the first-ever social club of its kind, and it’s looking to be a promising marketing strategy for other important future events.

Evite & ConnecTV: These two companies are targeting their consumers by creating a shared, virtual experience for the everyday Oscar enthusiast. They are encouraging in-home and virtual viewing parties so everyone can share the magic of the Oscars at the same time. They are also asking for participants to share recipes, videos, and any party tips they may have by using the hashtag #AwardsParty2014.

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