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Facebook Announces Listen Button for Band and Artist Pages

If you’re a close friend of mine, or even one of my co-workers working at the desk next to me, you know I’m passionate about my music. Music means a lot to me and I’m excited to share today that Facebook announced another new button to add to its arsenal that may appeal to fellow music lovers like me – a “Listen” button.

The “Listen” button has now been added to band and artist pages and allows Facebook users an easy, new way to listen to their favorite artists’ songs (new, old, popular, or not) straight from their Facebook page.

The “Listen” button is situated right next to Like button, which is directly under the cover photo. By clicking the “Listen” button, this will connect users to the music service they use most often (like Spotify, for example) and will play popular songs from that artist. But be careful, if you’re planning on listening to Justin Bieber’s new single or that annoying, instantly-gets-stuck-in-your-head track from Hot Chelle Rae and you don’t want anyone knowing, then you may want to opt out of using the “Listen” button. Why? If you use the “Listen” button, your listening activity will be published right on your page.

The “Listen” button is available on most artists’ Facebook pages.

What artist will be your first “Listen” on Facebook? For me, it’s going to be Reptar!

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