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We all have those moments when we run across an interesting article on our Facebook newsfeed but can’t read it at that moment. You worry it’ll get shuffled in the vastness that is your newsfeed, but can’t do anything about it…until now. A subtle, yet incredibly useful Facebook addition now makes it easier for you to bookmark an article you see in your newsfeed to read later on. It’s called Save, which has many similarities to the ever-popular Pocket and Instapaper apps. Available for iOS, Android, and web, Save allows a user to store links with a simple click. It even categorizes the type of links you save, making finding your content even easier.

The Save button is located either on the bottom right of a story or under the drop down of the story on the top right. Simply click the save icon and your articles are ready for you to read when you get a moment. When your barista is taking an exceptionally long time to make your coffee, you now have a means to entertain yourself.

Furthermore, what you save is only visible to you, so you can rest assured that if you bookmark a Perez Hilton story regarding the latest celebrity gossip no one has to know except you and Facebook. What do you think of this new addition to Facebook?

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