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And Facebook IPO (initial public offering) Week begins! No, it’s not the same craziness like Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, but it is a big moment in time for social media’s and Facebook’s history. We’re sure it’s also a big time for Facebook’s PR department (when is anything about Facebook not big for the PR team).

According to Mashable’s Joann Pann, Facebook “is set to become the most valuable U.S. tech company after going IPO. Google went public in 2004 with a valuation of $23 million.” Its worth? It may be more than $100 billion.

Here’s a few interesting facts about the IPO:

  • Facebook has to undergo an IPO due to SCC requirements.
  • The IPO could also be in part to wanting to reward Facebook employees.
  • It could also be to raise more capital.
  • Investors are worried about the mobile side of Facebook.
  • The IPO release date is expected Thursday or Friday.

Watch the video above to find out all that you need to know during Facebook’s IPO week. What are your thoughts on Facebook’s IPO? Drop me a line in the comments below!

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