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Excuse me while I try my best not to geek out too much, but Facebook has just made my life as a Facebook admin admin very interesting. Today Facebook introduced page owners with 5,000+ fans to advanced post targeting that allows Facebook posts to be finely targeted at fans based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Educational status
  • Location
  • Language
Be aware, this new post targeting feature only pertains to what shows up in your fans’ news feed.  All of your post will still be visible on your page’s Timeline. Friends of Fans, an important metric for community managers to keep track of, will still be able to see stories that their friends Like or comment on.

The new targeting feature allows page owners more control over who sees which posts, giving fans more relevant content that is tailored toward them. This will also help admins who want to posts multiple times a day without overwhelming fans.

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