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Intern Danny Laake
Get to know Danny Laake, Agency Entourage’s Fall Art Direction Intern.

The future is a wildly unpredictable thing, huh? If you told me at the age of seven that I’d be sitting at a computer for a job, I would adamantly protest with something along the lines of, “No, I’m going to be an archeologist!” If you followed with, “But you’ll be drawing and using your imagination to create art,” 7-year-old me might not have been so opposed.

My name is Hunter Daniel Laake (I go by Danny), and I am incredibly stoked to be the Agency Entourage Fall 2016 Art Direction intern. I’m from Houston, Texas, where I lived all my life before moving to DFW, except for a brief 3-year stint where my family called Stavanger, Norway home. I attend The University of North Texas, where I am currently a senior pursuing my BA in Advertising, focusing on Creative.

In my studies, I have grown quite fond of the subtle art of supplying the consumer’s mind with just what they didn’t know they needed. I have always been enthralled with how each individual’s mind processes the information in their surroundings and calculates it into actions that make up the social fabric around us. My interest led me to take a few Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy courses, which eventually translated into the Sociology minor I am finishing up this semester.

I began developing my “hobby journey” with learning about dinosaurs as a toddler. Then came Pokemon, The Magic Treehouse Books and anything to do with Animal Planet. I played in my first soccer game at the age of 5, and became infatuated with it after being immersed in the European love of the beautiful game. After returning to the states, I actively played on soccer teams until my senior year of high school. Throughout all that, I never put down my colored pencils for too long.

Whether it’s singing in the school choir, doodling with pen and paper, touring Texas with my punk rock band or developing advertisements on Photoshop or Illustrator, if it has to do with creative processes, I am all about it. I love seeing the brainpower of an individual or group of people churn out something tangible, relatable and beautiful. Watching people understand and connect to that media is something of an even more glorious nature.

With my passions behind me and this wonderful internship opportunity ahead, I vehemently intend on learning from the wonderful AE folks to progress in my craft and dive into the ad industry.

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