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Jake Moon Intern

Get to know Agency Entourage’s Fall Copywriter Intern, Jake Moon.

“To possess the power of words is to have a voice amongst whispers.”

Before we begin, I must tell you my parents named me after Jake Blues from the Blues Brothers. That’s setting the bar pretty high. I’m Jake Moon, and I am thrilled to be a Copywriter Intern for the fall with Agency Entourage.

I’m a senior at SMU studying advertising, history, and graphic design. I was destined to pursue advertising from a very young age. As a kindergartener (I was an adorable toddler), I plastered the walls of my bedroom with ads torn out of my dad’s car magazines. As the years passed, it became clear that I did this not because of my obsession with Volvo station wagons, but because of my attraction to well-done advertisements. I have always found it compelling how a few lines of copy and visuals in the right place can invoke powerful emotions.

My parents are flight attendants, and because of this I have been fortunate enough to travel much of the world. In each town and every society the two constants are a desire to live in happiness, and advertising. I for one think the two can work hand-and-hand. Advertising executed thoughtfully and to perfection has the power to bring good to people across the globe. My greatest ambition is to someday play a part in crafting a campaign that changes lives.

Beyond advertising, history has always been a fascination of mine. In any field, history can give us direction, whether it is to inspire and continue, or as the justification to move in a completely different direction. A native Texan, my day is not complete without interjecting “y’all” into normal conversation at least five times or drinking a Dr Pepper. We all have our weaknesses.

Up until this point, my young career in advertising has been entirely client-side. I am elated and excited to jump into the fast-paced world at Agency Entourage. I already feel at home.

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