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Intern Karen
Hey guys! My name is Karen Rosson and I am one of three Fall 2016 interns here at Agency Entourage. As a native San Antonian, the “Big D” has been my new home for just over three years. It’s a change of pace up here that has definitely grown on me. My favorite part of living here is how in such a small distance, you can go from the big city to that “small town” feel.

As of my senior year in high school, I had no idea what direction I wanted to take in college, or where to attend. I determined that the best plan was to determine my hobbies, and how to incorporate them into a field of study. After this process, I decided that I wanted to stay in Texas and major in Marketing. This wasn’t too surprising, as I come from a family of business-oriented minds. My sister graduated with both a marketing and psychology degree, and my father, an attorney, with an accounting degree. Sorry mom- no electrical engineering school for me.

Still unsure, my first semester at UNT I registered for a business discovery course taught by the Chair of Management at the College of Business, and I fell in love with the subject. This lead me to become involved with the Professional Leadership Program, where I was able to further collaborate with industry professionals and learn about the world of marketing. I enjoy marketing in today’s fast passed technology filled world, as it’s exciting and constantly evolving. I found through my college courses that I love discovering what makes people tick, and creating unique ways to capture their attention.

Over the last few years, I have held a variety of internships ranging from a sailing and diving company in the British Virgin Islands to a marketing and public relations agency in Dallas. Something that has stood out to me in my first week at Agency Entourage is how extremely welcoming and friendly everyone is in the office. Being relatively new to the agency life, it’s highly encouraging to see how devoted everyone is to continuing their education about marketing and software trends in the industry. As I still don’t know exactly what I want to do with my degree in marketing, I’m excited to learn along with the team this semester!

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