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Freddie Ruffner, Agency Entourage intern

“Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career.” – Anonymous

Growing up in Plano, Texas, and raised by my single, hard-working mother, I quickly learned that life isn’t easy. I’ve always wanted to fast-forward through my life and just get to the good parts. I want to be able to have the nice things in life and provide for my fiancé and family. However, I’m starting to realize, that the only way I can accomplish my goal is to put in the work.

Hey, I’m Freddie Ruffner, and I’m currently a senior at the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green). I will be graduating in December 2017 with a bachelor degree in strategic communications (advertising) and a minor in social science. It has been a long journey to get to this point with many ups and downs. I’ve changed my major so many times I can’t even count them on my fingers anymore.

One day, I randomly stumbled across an advertising class when I was picking out my class schedule. Since that first lecture, my life has completely changed. I’ve learned so much during my 2 years developing in the advertising program such as account planning, art direction, media buying, and the creative process. There have been some late nights with lots of coffee breaks, trust me it was rough, but my professors have pushed and guided me to create some of my best advertising communication plans. Now it’s time to take what I’ve learned and move forward.

Honestly, finding an internship has not been easy for me. Agency Entourage was one of the few places that I liked and, got back to me during my internship search. When I received, the email saying I was chosen, I proudly accepted.

Now that I’m here interning with Agency Entourage, it’s been a dream come true. I’ve already met some awesome team members and can’t wait to start my career journey. I’m nervous but super excited about this opportunity. This rookie is ready to shine!

A couple of facts about me

  • I love photography (I used to be a wedding and event photographer)
  • I enjoy cooking different meals throughout the week (steak is my favorite)
  • I’m engaged to the most beautiful woman (I know it’s cliché, but it’s true too)
  • I love to travel (most exciting place was London)
  • I’m an obsessed football fanatic (Go Dallas Cowboys)

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