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While we would like to think our manner of dealing with things at Agency Entourage is diplomatic, our fireside chats are far from political. Traditionally, these chats refer to the communication between President Roosevelt and US citizens over the radio in the 1930s. These chats gave the US people encouragement and made them feel more intimate with government officials, which is exactly what laid the foundation for the fireside chats at AE.

As part of our continuous strategy to keep spirits high, we thought we would block out a few minutes each Monday morning to praise one another for our hard work over a cup of Joe. Management, IPs and designers alike congregate around the “fireplace” in our office for a cozy start to the work week. Not only does this bring us closer together as a staff and family by offering positive accolades to one another but it also prevents us from getting bogged down in the chaos of work – the perfect kickstart to any Monday morning.

Photo Credit: Liwei Yu

It is important to recognize the victories our coworkers are making because it strengthens our relationships with each other and rejuvenates our minds to tackle the workload ahead. What do YOU do at your company to keep morale high?

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