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A couple of days ago grocery stores in the area were ransacked in preparation of Icemaggedon. Bread, milk and eggs were bought by all, leaving shelves completely empty. Needless to say, we were anticipating the worst ice storm we have ever seen! Well, Icemaggedon arrived last night and yes, it was bad. Roads were scary slick and temperatures were below freezing, but we made it until morning, and what did we find out? Today was a SNOW DAY, which means we could work from home! Not having to come into the office really was a blessing in disguise. Here are some reasons why we think being snowed in is THE BEST!

1. You can wear your pajamas all day. Keep your pajamas on or throw on some sweatpants because snow days mean you have no reason to leave the house. With no need to get dressed up, why not dress comfortably?

2. You can sleep in one extra hour. The hour that you would’ve spent getting ready is an added hour to your sleep schedule. This means you can be more rested and ready for a good days work.

3. You can cuddle with your pet. Leaving your pet home alone during the day is heartbreaking. Hearing them whimper as you close the door is so sad. Heck, you miss them everyday just as much as they miss you! Well, on snow days you get to spend the whole day with your pet. What a treat!

4. You never have to leave your comfy bed. Make some coffee after you wake up, turn on your laptop and crawl back under the covers! Your best work is done when you are comfortable and where on earth are you more comfortable then in your own bed?

5. You can blast your music. In the office we use headphones or turn our speakers on low to be considerate of others, but the beauty of a snow day is that no one is at your house except you. Your speakers can be as loud as you want, so turn them up and have yourself a little one-man work party!

Here are a couple of pictures from our wonderful staff of their snow day! Check out our Instagram to see more!

 Snow Day Pictures From Agency Entourage StaffWe hope you enjoyed your snow day as much as we enjoyed ours! If you called today and we missed you, we apologize. We’ll be back on Monday, so give our office a call at 214-414-3035 for any digital marketing inquiries.

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