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For most Dallas college students, class is back in session and the excitement of new experiences, activities and friends is in full effect. While settling into a new schedule, don’t forget about making some room for an internship! We are still accepting resumés from junior and senior college students for the Agency Entourage fall internship program but time is running out!

If you’re on the fence about applying, here is why we think you will love being an intern here:


Although you may have just completed a summer internship and can’t imagine taking on another one, we guarantee that we allow you to have a flexible schedule. We understand that school comes first. So while we do prefer you put in 20 hours a week, we ensure that the time you spend here is useful and that you don’t feel overwhelmed with your schedule.

Lauren Berger, aka the Intern Queen, suggests that students should have two or three internships under their belt by the time graduation rolls around, regardless of the semester.


If you follow us on Instagram, it’s easy to see that we have a lot of fun here! Whether it’s a company lunch outing, client event, employee birthday or a brainstorming session (with cookies of course), we work hard and play hard. We do our best to ensure that during your internship you learn a lot from your experience and have fun doing it!

Fast Pace

Being a full-service digital marketing agency with clients all over the Metroplex, Agency Entourage stays pretty busy! Every day is different for us as well as our interns. One day could be spent brainstorming new social media strategies and the other you could be taking in a face-to-face client meeting alongside an Agency Entourage Interactive Producer.


As an Agency Entourage intern, we want you to feel free to be…yourself! We welcome the creativity and individuality of our interns; some of our most innovative ideas for clients have come straight from an intern! “Seen and not heard” is not a concept we follow when it comes to our interns. Once you become an intern with us, we consider you a part of the team!

To see a full description of our fall internship positions, click the links below:

Resumés can be sent to internships@agencyentourage.com and should document your academic and work accomplishments, awards, and experience. Please also include a date you would be able to begin the internship. Don’t have room to work with us this semester? We offer spring and summer internships as well!

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