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In Six Press Release Tips to Increase News Coverage , we covered how to extend the reach of a press release.  Today’s post will highlight good writing advice for press releases. Keep your writing fresh and enticing to journalists. Try these tips the next time you have to write a press release or a business related document.

Answer Specifics First

Write a catchy headline to draw in the attention of readers. After you gain their attention, they will want to know more. Do this by answering all of the important questions, such as Who, What, When, Where and Why in the first paragraph. Also, press releases should be at least 250 words, and no longer than one page.

Write in Third Person

Eliminate words such as “I” or “we”. If a journalist is interested in your content, he or she will want to take your news release and publish it without making several changes. Present it to journalists so they can immediately republish your work without making edits.

Exaggeration Doesn’t Sell

Readers can see through embellishment and exaggeration. Here is an example: “XYZ is the best company in Texas.” Unless, XYZ has won an award for being the best company in Texas, don’t position XYZ as the very best one. Be sure to write objectively and keep opinions of your company or product out of the release unless it is a direct quote. Including facts and statistics will make for a strong press release.

Add in Sources

Adding links in a press release is a must. Don’t use too many links because it can make your press release look like spam. PR News suggests adding one URL for every 150 words of text.

Minimize Sales Language

Sell the reporter on a story. However, don’t try to sell the reporter to buy a product. Adding community tie-ins will make it less sales focused and more reputable.

Keep it Fresh!

Try to keep your press release fresh with powerful, but unique words that provide a positive impact on your company or product. As a digital marketing agency in Dallas, our writers are always staying up-to-date with current writing trends and look for fresh words to enhance their writing. We use helpful infographics (like the one below) to continue our education.

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