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A big part of the SXSW experience is scrolling through the huge catalog of sessions that are available to attend. Most of these sessions have literal (boring) titles like “The Frontiers of Computational Thinking” or “The Changing Privacy Landscape”. Snore. Every now and then you’ll come across a session title that stops you in your tracks or at least makes you shake your head in amusement. Here’s a small collection of those types.

The Internet: F@#% Free Speech, F@#% Fair Use

How to be a More Inefficient Designer

Jedi Mindtricks for Entrepreneurs

No I Will (Probably) Not Redesign Your Website

When Quickies Aren’t Satisfying. Loyalty on Social

Disloyalty Marketing: Art of the One Night Stand

Assume and Make an Ass Out of You and Your Startup

World War A: Humans VS Algorithms

Screw Fuck No, Say Shit Yeah!

We Are What We Click: The Dark Side of Sideboobs

How to Not Hire and Retain Employees of Color

WTF Wearables

Why Can’t We Be More Like Disneyland

Let’s Be Evil! Malevolent Marketing 101

Smart VS Smart-Ass: A Brief History of Smart

Screw Privacy, Just Give Me Value for My Data

Cannabis: Past, Present and Exciting Future

We Want Your Body in Our Registry

Why Does The Internet Hate Women?

Everyone’s a Little Gay: Thanks, Social Media

Steve Seabrook: Better Than You

The Tao of Managing Eeyores, Tiggers and Piglets

Screw the Valley: The New Tech Startup Culture

Robot Petting Zoo

FOMO, FB, and Pot: Your Brain On the New Millenium

Seducing Strangers: How to Get People to Buy What You’re Selling

Massages, Menswear and Mystery with Combatant Gentlemen

Why You Suck at Making Your Life Decisions


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