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unnamedI always knew I was just a little too curious and energetic to work a boring job. Advertising crossed my path while studying business at SMU in Dallas, and I knew it would be the perfect place for me to put my unique, chaotic, yet meticulous brain to work. Ever since my decision to join the world of Mad Men I’ve been happier than ever.

My name is Gifford Mellick and I’m from Denver, Colorado. I have the pleasure of interning at Agency Entourage for the summer of 2016! I currently attend Southern Methodist University majoring in advertising and minoring in statistics. I love to see the relationship between research, analytics, and data and how it blends together with the creative process to create beautiful and effective ads. My favorite part about advertising is the diverse types of clients an agency is able to work with. Every business benefits from advertising whether it’s a restaurant or personal finance service company. Being exposed to a wide range of clients is what makes me most excited about working in this industry.

Tennis is definitely one of my biggest passions in life. I grew up playing since I was a small child and stuck with it ever since. I love the strategic mental aspects of tennis and credit a large part of my creative-analytical thinking skills to all my years out on the court. When I’m not interning at the coolest agency in Dallas you can find me hanging out with my friends watching the big game, playing with our 1-year-old Aussie-doodle (Australian Shepherd mixed with a Poodle), or attempting to make a quote from “The Office” apply to every possible real life situation.

Since my advertising program at school is not focused in digital media I’ve always wanted to be more involved in digital advertising, which makes Agency Entourage a perfect fit for me. As an increasingly large amount of money is being poured into online advertising, having knowledge and real life experience in the digital environment is one of the most valuable assets to have under my belt.

I’m beyond excited to be at Agency Entourage this summer working primarily in account services, although I know I’ll be learning so much more about all departments of agency life. I can’t wait to begin my journey into the world of advertising!

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