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Establishing a Consistent Brand

Part One: Establishing a Consistent Brand

Here’s a question we bet you haven’t thought about in a while: Is your brand consistent across platforms? Sure, you publish content on all the big players, but is your brand the same across channels or are there some variances?

With all the different tools available in your marketing repertoire, it can be difficult for you to establish your brand’s identity across the digital landscape. But fear not, you’re in good hands.

Think about it like this. Each platform your brand publishes content to is a different gadget on your marketing tool belt. It’s up to you to be the general contractor of your brand’s marketing program. You better have content criteria and a specific guide that ensures all content meets your brand’s standards.

These days everyone should have a content calendar because your strategy may vary across platforms. Maybe you post more informative, stat-driven content on Twitter than you do on your weekly newsletter. That’s all well and good, but it’s important to establish a strong brand foundation before constructing your content calendars.

Set a clear goal prior to starting the next job. Make sure each member of your crew knows exactly how to use the fancy tools on behalf of your brand. Create a list of goals you hope to accomplish with those tools and keep your image consistent.

This is where your brand style guide and content calendar come in handy.

Check out part two and three of our series, which will help you create your brand’s style guide and provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a content calendar. Utilizing this guide will help you with keeping your brand consistent.

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