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If you’re new to creating video content for the web, making sure all of the pieces fall into place can be a bit daunting. There are a lot of moving parts to take into consideration, and if you’re not careful it is easy to become overwhelmed during the process.

One crucial element of video creation is preproduction. This involves everything that leads up to the director yelling “ACTION!”


Before you even fire up the camera, you’ve got to decide what the purpose of your video is. When your video is complete, what are you hoping to gain from it?

  • To enhance your online presence?
  • A fun video to show at the next big meeting?
  • An email newsletter that you’re sending to your community?
  • Awareness of your products or services?

Determining the purpose of your video will greatly help you with the next step, which is…


This is where you will determine the “meat” of your video, and start the process of forming your video. Gather all of the creatives on your team in a conference room and lock the door. Figure out the tone of your video: will it be funny, serious or simply informative? Examine your company’s culture and brand image to discover what type of video will fit you best.

One caution: too often companies will try and ride the coattails of a current viral video. While this is a great way to get eyes on your video, it is very difficult to do successfully. Realize that your video will probably not be the next Old Spice or Rebecca Black, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Be original!


Get your ideas on paper! Many people are intimidated by the idea of writing a script, but it is an integral part to video making process. Start by writing down your vision of what’s going to happen in the video and any dialogue that will be spoken, for example:


JIM: Here at 123 Auto, we are committed to our customers. That’s why we are offering free oil changes to all of our loyal drivers this month.


Writing a script helps ensure that you get all of the information you want included in the video. Many people are tempted to improvise a video, but if you have a lot of points that you need to make the only way to ensure that it winds up in the finished product is to have a script to adhere to. During this time you’ll also want to figure out your filming locations.

Prepping Talent

Finding the right person to represent your brand on camera can be difficult. Most companies don’t have the budget to hire professional actors and call on their employees to be on-camera. Find someone with an outgoing personality and who is comfortable being filmed.

Go over the script with him or her several times before filming so that they can become familiar with the script and delivery. Consider doing a test run with the camera on (but not filming) to practice.

Putting in work during preproduction ensures that you’ll have a smooth experience filming later down the line. Creating video for the web can be a great boon for your business – not only will it increase your SEO rankings, but it will give your company personality and distinguish you from competitors.

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