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You just had a huge event for your company and you’ve been promoting this day for the past month (maybe even longer) by sending emails, tweeting and Facebooking– all to get the buzz out there going and people hyped for the event. Now that hard work is over and the event was a success, should you let the buzz die down? No way! Keep your company on everyone’s radar by sending out follow-up emails to everyone who attended your company’s event. Here are four ways to use follow-ups in your email marketing campaigns.

Maintain a Relationship: Maintaining a relationship with your subscribers is always important when growing a business. An email is one of those small gestures much like a hand shake after meeting a person, people will remember it and keep a healthy relationship.

Choose Time to Send: Set a reminder to send a follow-up within 24 hours, the best time being in the afternoon. Don’t wait a couple of days to thank people for coming to your event, the hype of your event will have passed.

Welcome Messages: With more events will come more email subscribers but instead of sending each one an auto respond email, send a personal welcome message. Make sure the email is about the event your new subscriber attended and thank them for coming. This will start the base of maintaining a good relationship with your subscribers.

Give Tips or Reminders: Along with highlighting the event, add a section with tips about the business or even a reminder for the next event. Tips can be focused directly on your product or a more general material focused on your target audience.

Keep the excitement about your company buzzing after the event with a carefully constructed follow up email! This will set the right tone with your subscribers, potentially bring you new business and keep everyone talking about your company until the next event.

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