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Happy 4th of July 2012 from Agency Entourage

In the spirit of Independence Day, I asked everyone here at Agency Entourage what they love about America. Here’s what they said:

“One word: FREEDOM!”

“Separation of Church and State allows each person to pursue their religious beliefs without persecution.”

“I Love America because I enjoy my freedom and what our country was founded upon. Plus, our country’s mascot is a bald eagle – you can’t get much cooler than that.”

“The ideals that we were founded on and the fact that we were built on the idea of freedom and equality. As well as the history of our beginnings.”

“I love America because of the freedom we have to express ourselves and live the way we choose.”

“Ice is always served with soda, air conditioning is the norm, the freedom to question the government, and a free press.”

“Freedom of speech!”

“I love America because of the access to clean drinking water. And football, too.”

“Cultural diversity!”

“Texas, enough said.”

Tell us – what do you love about America? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below!

Agency Entourage 4th of July in DFW

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