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The simple pound sign we once used advance to phone calls to voicemail has now become part of the digital and real-life language (thank you Jimmy and Justin), known as hashtags. They make their way into our Twitter feed, Instagram and now Facebook timeline. When used properly they can be very beneficial for brands to facilitate engagement, giveaways and advocating a cause. Or if you’re Nancy Grace or Anthony Weiner, hashtags can clearly display your personality. Abuse of hashtags (I’m sure you know someone who is a hashtag stuffer) can leave your brand bruised and digitally defeated, cough, Susan Boyle, cough. Follow these DOs and DON’Ts of Hashtag Etiquette or let Agency Entourage take the hashtag reins from you. If you’re looking to build your brand we are a full-service digital marketing agency willing to help you with hashtags and just about everything else.

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