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Hi everyone! I’m Harrison Fiveash, a current student at Southern Methodist University, and will graduate this December with a B.A. in Advertising from the Temerlin Advertising Institute (Strategic Brand Management) and a minor in English (Creative Writing). 

Well, How Did I Get Here?

As an eighteen-year-old heading into college, I knew exactly what my future looked like. I was going to business school to be either an analyst, accountant or investment banker. Funny how life works, eh? The summer after my freshman year I did what is best be described as a ‘Flex Internship’. Fifteen other students and I spent one to three weeks shadowing and interning across various industries. The industries included public accounting, private equity, investment banking, finance, digital media and advertising. While I didn’t appreciate the experience at the time, I learned exactly what I did not want to do. Guess what I loved though? 

The Agency World

The minute I walked into the agency I knew these were my people. There were no suits and the people seemed to enjoy each other. It was also the first time I had seen a ping pong table in an office, which is now cliché, but still fun! Since my first experience at Three, I have been part of several agencies that each have their own unique culture. Vehicle Media is aggressive, honorable and sleek. 3Headed Monster is rebellious, daring and loyal. Now, I am very much looking forward to getting to know Agency Entourage! After a few days, preliminary signs point to intelligent, analytical and anticipatory. 

Why AE? 

My top priorities in seeking an agency for the fall were a group of highly motivated people who compound each other’s production rather than relying on the sum of individuals, a strong cultural connection and personal fit. It’s early, but I believe I’ve found the right place. I was familiar with AE through SMU because two of their summer interns have been in some of my classes. They both spoke very highly of AE and cited ‘learning a ton’ as one of their major experiences. While I considered several larger agencies, even shadowing one prominent Dallas agency several times, I felt as though in large agencies individuals often got lost within their processes. It appeared that their value as a person was often overlooked and they became a number instead of a person. AE is a place where unique and unheard-of ideas are more than welcome, they are encouraged and fostered. 

What’s Probably Next 

As I mentioned earlier, my plans almost always change so while I know what the next four months look like, the next four years are a mystery. I think I want to work in an agency, I think I want to be on the strategy side, and I think I’m ready to get out of Dallas. Nothing against Dallas, it’s just hot and I’m ready to try somewhere else. Also, the Cowboys fans can get annoying (go Falcons!). I’m geographically flexible, as long as I’ve heard of the area and it feels like the right job I’ll go. If I had to make a list it would go something like this in no particular order: Austin, Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, San Diego, Minneapolis, Toronto, Boseman and I’m open to staying in Dallas. But if you’re looking for me on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s you can catch me right here at AE!

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