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holiday gift guide pinterest

Free time and the holidays are rarely in the same sentence. Due to this, many shoppers have turned to online shopping to stretch their time and dollar. The king of online shopping has been Pinterest, but before that gift guides ruled the kingdom. See how some brands are combining the two in different ways.

Gift Guides have always been popular online. When you’re looking to buy a gift for a specific person, such as a new mom or tech-loving boyfriend, a guide showing a slew of items they could appreciate is definitely a time saver. An online, one-stop shop of sorts.

Many brands and retailers are all too familiar with this, but given the popularity of Pinterest, they recently decided to push their products on this medium for the holidays. The online “goldmine,” according to CNBC, recently tripled revenue driven by the social media platform on Cyber Monday alone. So, why not try to keep that momentum all holiday season?

For instance, the Pinterest team created a complete comprehensive guide to holiday gift giving. As expected it’s enough to make even Santa drool.

Pinterest gift guide

Target has taken this idea to the next level and created their awesome shop. This is a complete collection of their top pinned items by category.

Target awesome shop

Nordstrom has even taken it offline and begun placing red tags in their stores on items that are popular on Pinterest.

Nordstrom shoe pinterest

We won’t know if these efforts will “pay off” until after the holiday season, but given the trends what do you think? Tell us on Facebook!


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