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For the most part, the SXSW adventure has been amazing. But there have been the occasional let downs. Like my Warhol session. These little disappointments are best handled quietly. Subtly. Inconspicuously. Not like what happened to my friend and colleague, Tara.

This post is her story.

So yesterday I finally go to my first SXSW session. It was super packed with no seats. I chose to sit on the floor behind all of the seats until I was told I have to stand to let others into the session. I was also told that I could then sit when the session started.

The description of this session had it tagged as “advanced”. It was anything but. Super lame. About 20 minutes into this disappointing session, Brandon texts me to see where I’m at. In response I accidentally press Siri! In panic mode I try to turn it off and she yells “I’m sorry Tara, I didn’t quite get that.” Thanks a lot Siri. You’re supposed to be my robot helper you miserable claptrap. Mortified, I apologize to those around me. They were not sympathetic.

I then decide I’m gonna leave. As soon as I stand up, I realize my left leg is asleep in an extremely unfamiliar way that I can only compare to what I might imagine paralysis is like. I turn around without any control of my leg and the panic creates a sensation of both concern as to whether or not I might regain control of my leg and tracers similar to a “bullet time” scene from the Matrix. I realize my only option is to fall so I choose to fall back and land on some chick. Everyone around me expresses concern (or laughs at me).

I start to feel the normal pins and needles feeling in my sleeping left leg. Paralysis no longer seems like a threat. But my embarrassment feels like it might become a permanent condition. I sit for just enough time to stand and walk. I exit, dragging my left leg out of a claustrophobic scene, apologizing the whole way out the door. What could be worse then wanting run away from a disaster only to be trapped by your own inept legs and taunted by your inept robot helper? Nightmares are better than this.

I’m awesome is the main takeaway.

Here are the session notes.

  • Are brands sabotaging their content? Yes they are.
  • Poor planning.
  • Use a creative brief
  • Use an editorial calendar
  • Get the higher ups to buy in
  • Use case studies to convince them
  • Close my eyes and listen
  • Siri said I’m sorry Tara I didn’t quite get that.

End of notes.

So, in the future, when you think your circumstances are terrible, you can just think of Tara and giggle your ass off. Next up are my notes from my last and favorite session, Unspecialize. The more you know the less you see. Stay with me.

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