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Ever wonder why you’re not seeing Facebook posts from every brand page or friend that you’re connected to? That’s because Facebook has a very special formula for determining what you do and don’t see in your news feed. It’s called EdgeRank. This secret sauce that Facebook uses to determine which Facebook posts are seen in a user’s news feed can be broken into two types classes of actions. Personal Interaction and Network Reaction.

Personal Interaction is just simply how you respond and engage with a set of different Facebook posts. This is determined by your previous interactions with the author. The more you engage with a friend or page, the more likely you are to see their future posts. Personal Interaction also means your previous interactions with a particular kind of posts. So if you often engage with a certain type of post be it, photos, links, videos or text only posts you’re more likely to see posts of that type.

Network Reaction is a group of Facebook users’ overall reaction to one specific post. This is defined by the collective reactions from users who have already seen the post. The more users engage with a post the more likely you are to see that post. Network Reaction also takes into account the amount of complaints or negative feedback that a post receives. As more users give negative sentiment on a post, that post is less likely to be seen by more users.

Check out this infographic from PostRocket that breaks down how it works even more:

Photo by PostRocket

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