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Facebook Trending Topics Marketing Via @agencyentourage

Although Twitter still reigns as the leader of instant news, Facebook has rolled out a new feature called Trending Topics. For those constantly connected, aka marketers, this could mean something great is coming your way. Dare I say, Facebook Trending Topics could change the game in the next year!

Trending Topics is designed to collect all the topics users are talking about online. You may recognize this from Twitter. However, unlike Twitter, Facebook trends use a mix of items you’ve shown interest in and what’s trending across Facebook overall. This not only informs users, but also advertisers. We all strive to be Oreo, but it isn’t always easy. With this feature, marketers can easily join the conversation on a different social platform.

Another great thing about trending topics is the personalization. Today for instance, a video by Vin Diesel and the breakup of Mötley Crüe were among trending items on my feed. However, based on what you like and how many other people in your network mention a certain topic, it will trend on your screen. This means if a brand were to insert itself into the conversation, they’d be sure to get in front of an optimized audience.

Whether or not Facebook Trending Topics will change the game this year, it could be another entertaining add-on to the social site. What do you think?

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