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Many have said that using reddit is one way to make your site go viral, but what you may not know is that 19% of reddit users are actually HispanicIn the “Bilingual Communities” panel during SXSW this 2014, Elianne Ramos, principal of Speak Hispanic, and Lia Navarro-Pennington, Ent strategy and sales rep from reddit, discussed how Latino users of reddit are shaping the community by driving online conversations.

For those who do not know what reddit is, you may want to get your foot in the game. Reddit, or the “front page of the internet,” is a social news and entertainment website where users post anything from stories, images, videos, or news articles which are then ranked and voted on by registered users. This determines popularity and creates virality for websites and different types of content. The famous “Ask Me Anything,” or AMA, sessions with celebrities and newsmakers also take place in this online realm. So, with the largest percentage of reddit users being Hispanic, you can now see how much this demographic is influencing conversation online. 

In the most recent Pew poll, Hispanics were reported to be more than twice as likely to use reddit than any other ethnic group, meaning they are the users commenting, posting, and ranking online content. This not only shows correlation to the numbers adding up to a large Hispanic online community, but also gives Hispanics tremendous influencing power. Latinos are shaping the community by creating viral content, driving social forces and learning how to communicate online more efficiently. Next time you create content, you may want to keep this demographic top of mind, seeing as they will be the loudest in spreading the word online.

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