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Today you live in a world that is black and white and filled with the mundane expectations of how your career path is going to look. Some professors have done a great job illustrating the advertising dream world and others have made you so scared about the industry you run and find Toto every night looking for comfort and reassurance. You continue to read the same theories in books and hear the same lectures in class but…

Now that a “reality check” tornado has come to remind you that graduation is around the corner, you are in the middle of what seems more like a hurricane trying to find a decent internship that will prepare you for a future that doesn’t include sleeping under a bridge. Once you have overcome this tornado and killed all of those insecurities, welcome to the digital marketing world! Your mission? Travel the yellow brick road and help businesses from disappearing from the face of the earth by giving them a dominant online presence. Once you find your lion, scarecrow, and tin man and learn the lessons along the way, you will champion your conquest of Emerald City and discover there is no place like – downtown Dallas!

You will be able to go back to your career path with the knowledge of a whole new world that is becoming the leading marketplace for the industry today. At this point you may decide to come back and join the team for life or find another city that could employ your newly acquired skills. Either way, Agency Entourage is the place where you can think about the industry and where it is headed, and we can really use some help keeping the green witch out of our castle.

Submit your resume at internships@agencyentourage.com and join us for a summer filled with adventure!

Learn more about Agency Entourage, a downtown dallas digital agency, by clicking here or give us a call at 214-414-3035.

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