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Twitter’s micro video app, Vine, beat Facebook’s Instagram to the Windows Phone 8 last week.

Ryan Swigart, Vine designer, announced one small change to the social video app : Vine users on Windows Phones can “pin” individual users’ accounts who they follow to their home screen; making it easier to stay current with their favorite users.

Marketers: it is important to recognize the potential value that Vine can provide particular brands; specifically those that target Millenials, identified as a demographic of those born in between the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

Current brands that have achieved success on Vine do the following:

Brand Personality / Likeability

Use Vine to create stories that people can feel. The goal is to provoke a (positive) reaction. Vine is a great tool to use in order to identify with an audience’s sense of humor or curiosity.

Advertising agency, BBDO, establishes Lowe’s as a trusted authority among home improvement stores without having to feature, or “sell,” a product. Instead, they’re selling Lowes’ knowledge and expertise. BBDO used Vine in an intelligent way: to develop and promote the brand awareness of their client, Lowe’s.


“Soft Sell” Product Highlights

“How to'” videos are very popular on Vine. This could be because viewers expect  to be taught something helpful or valuable in under six seconds; implying a level of simplicity, ease and almost-instant gratification.

Here, Oreo Cookie is an example of a brand using Vine to their very best advantage. Not only are they advertising their product, but they are providing content that their consumers can appreciate.

#OreoSnackHacks – Oreo Cookie

Brands can use how-to videos to showcase the utility or added value  of their product or service; in essence, illustrating a benefit in a brief, engaging way that TV commercials can’t achieve.

In this Vine, Samsung successfully showcases their line of mobile devices without saying a word:

Samsung Mobile US Vine


Because Vine videos, by default, cannot be longer than six seconds, the strict time limit forces users to be as creative as possible and/or get “straight to the point” as to what they are trying to communicate or achieve. I’ll argue that it’s no coincidence that Instagram’s 15-second length echos the 15-second spot of most television commercials. I’ll also argue that this nine second difference plays an integral role in a brand’s level of audience engagement via Vine instead of Instagram.

Another avenue brands are using to connect with their audience deciding to collaborate with Vine celebrities; previously “regular” people who made their way to stardom based solely on their ability to make the Vine audience, complete strangers, laugh.

Vine celebrity, KC James, built his audience of 2.8 million followers by posting humorous skits and social commentary on topics ranging from popular music to stereotypes. Virgin Mobile saw an opportunity there and teamed up with James as they believe he represents their playful brand and its youth-centered audience well. Virgin Mobile USA posted this video to their Vine account:

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