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Welcome to the first video installment of our Pocket Content Series for SEO. The Pocket Content series was created with the idea in mind to make five minute lessons on SEO that you could apply to your website today. Just pull this brief piece of content out of your back pocket and apply!

In today’s installment we talk about why page optimization can make a massive difference in where you rank in the search engine results pages. Watch the video then comment below on some things you’ve found helpful in page optimization for you website.

For reference, here’s a still of the whiteboard!

SEO Pocket Content

A great plugin that you can add to your Wordpress website that will actually ask you about these aspects of your webpage is SEO for Wordpress by Yoast. A couple of other free tools to grade you current webpages for optimization are available as well. I personally like the Mozbar extension for Chrome because it gives you a basic rundown of the main elements on the page. Screaming Frog is a much more robust tool but still free from most of the work you need done.

For those people that can’t watch a video currently and are planning to come back later to watch it (*wink*), here is a breakdown of why it’s important to focus on page optimization.

URLs Still Matter.

While having a website name that matches exactly what a person types into a search engine seems like a great idea, its power has been greatly reduced. Google has taken several major strides in the past 12-18 months to let everyone know that they think the average Joe trusts brands. So URLs matter in a different way than they used to. They are the best way to anchor your brand.

Title Tags are your best chance to get found!

Most people who have studied SEO at all know that title tags are an important factor in ranking. Despite everyone knowing this fact, very few people take the time to write smart, conversational, sales driven, keyword targeted title tags. I talk more about that in the video.

Headers lead the way.

Search engines are really just sophisticated computers, looking for subjects on your page. The headers on your webpage are like sub-headings in the chapter of a book. It helps readers and search spiders understand what is happening on your page. Listen for what I mention about why being conversational is becoming so important

Copy is not just for sales!

The things you write on webpages can be a touchy subject. Many businesses spend hours and hours and hours crafting the perfect words to convey their tone and brand, and completely forget to address the searcher. Remember to mention phrases and words in your web text that people will be searching for.

Alternate Text is the photograph’s caption.

Labeling your photos in the code of your website is important for two reasons. First is that Google can’t read anything but text, so you need to tell search engines what your picture is about. Next thing to remember is that websites don’t always work. You need to make sure in that ugly space where you picture was supposed to load, there is at least effort to tell people what was supposed to be there. There is also a cool tip in the video about how using alt text on your webpage can get you found when MANY of your competitors won’t!

Stay tuned next week for our next installment Pocket Content, and make sure to let us know how we can help your business and website’s SEO in the comments below or contacting us today.

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