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People say that if you don’t have a reason to celebrate, you should find one. The technological boom that we’ve seen over the past few years have changed the way we receive and send information and even who we are sending that information to. Think of how many Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram friends and followers you have – how many of those folks do you actually know? Chances are not all of them. These social media platforms allow you to create relationships with people and voice your opinion with a much larger range of people than you would normally be able to physically interact with, crazy right?

Not only has social media changed the number of people you can communicate with at one time but its also changed how we are perceive events, services, holidays and entertainment, like Mardi Gras, by making these once stationary things interactive.

So, we thought we would celebrate Fat Tuesday at AE with some of our favorite interactive examples of what’s happening in New Orleans this Mardi Gras holiday. The police force in Slidell, LA created an app that tracks dozens of parades taking place downtown to inform people of where they can park, various road closures and other transit information. They even have live streaming available for each parade in case you’re unable to attend! By doing this, they’ve both created a safer environment for their Mardi Gras-goers and engaged people by offering them valuable information through the mediums they use daily.






Another, if not our favorite, example of how social media is changing the way we celebrate is an app that was launched in New Orleans called AirPnP, inspired by AirBnB, which is a service used for renting out your place to travlers. This app allows “entrepeeneurs” to charge the public a fee for using their personal facilities. The app allows them to add detailed descriptions about the “porcelain paradises” such as toilet paper thickness and the cleanliness of the restroom. After you’ve concluded your business, you can rate your experience. This fun, quirky app is the perfect solution to a very real problem of trying to find a restroom during crowded events. Plus, police say they think it will help cut down on the age old problem of “rogue pees.”








Happy Mardi Gras from all of us at AE to you! What’s YOUR favorite social media platform and how will you be using it this Fat Tuesday?

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