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Even though a lot of large brands are kings at spreading their brand presence on Twitter, what about the smaller guys that would like to find their audience too? There are many tools that Twitter gives us marketers to find the right people, so if you are starting to delve into the Twitter world, here are some ways you can start spreading the word:

  1. Do Some Keyword Research: much like search engines, Twitter has a search feature that allows you to look up hashtags as well as other keywords. Start by looking for the name of your city to see who is mentioning your town and what they are talking about. You can pick up patterns on certain topics and connect with those people that are aware of your location. From there you can venture into other words people might be using that relate to your brand.
  2. Use Hashtags: don’t overload yourtweets with them, but do include at least one or two strategic hashtags embedded in your tweet so that you can be found in relevant conversations.
  3. Participate In Twitter Chats: did we mention how much we love Twitter chats? These are the absolute best tools to boost your brand presence on a national (or even worldwide) level. A group of Twitter users talking about home improvement, travel, or mom tips all at the same time? Sounds like a marketer’s heaven! Find some chats that relate to your brand and join the conversation and answer key questions.
  4. Share Images: these are extremely effective in getting more clicks and breaking the clutter so use them wisely and you will see a boost in your brand presence on Twitter in no time.
  5. Add Some Twitter Ads:  have a few bucks to spare? Advertising on Twitter can be an inexpensive way to ensure you reach more of your audience and communicate specific promotions, share news, or simply expose your brand to more potential followers.
If you need some help in forming a strategy to boost your brand presence on Twitter, give us a call! Agency Entourage is downtown Dallas advertising agency, and you can reach us at 972-414-3035 or click here to visit your website.

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