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Need help connecting your GoPro to an iPhone. Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Turn it on
This part shouldn’t be too difficult. Click the power button on the front.

Connect through WiFi

In order to control your GoPro, you’ll have to connect your iPhone to it through Wi-Fi. Go into your iPhone’s settings and select the Wi-Fi option. Your GoPro’s default name is GOPRO-BP (BONUS CONTENT: the default password is: “goprohero”). Select your GoPro and enter the password.

(Ours is called BarnabyCam).

Open GoPro app

Once you’ve connected your iPhone to the GoPro, open the app from your home screen (it helps to download the free app from the app store before attempting this step).

GoPro iPhone App

Connect and Control

Now that you’ve downloaded and opened the app, click the top icon for “Connect and Control.”

Generate Preview

If you’re properly connected, a preview should automatically start after the previous step.

GoPro iphone preview

Have Fun

Go ahead. Strap your GoPro to a rocket ship or the side of your car and have some fun with it.

GoPro iphone works

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