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The big switched happened Friday, March 30! Facebook officially changed all business pages over to the Timeline layout putting companies, brands and agencies in design mode for new profile pictures and establishing standout cover photos.

In order to do so for your business page, here’s a little help on what size the dimensions of a Facebook profile picture and cover photo should be in the new Timeline layout:

1. Profile Picture

The profile picture is exactly 180 x 180 pixels. It’s square, which is different from the previous profile picture in which that would let you go all the way up to 180 x 600 pixels. In my opinion, a basic logo would be good here because you’ll want an easily recognizable symbol. Why? Because 1) the thumbnail ends up only being about 33 x 33 pixels (so basically it’s very small) and 2) when you’re commenting as the page on Facebook, you want Facebook users to be able to recognize you from your page name AND your thumbnail.

Tip: I find when you’re using just a logo to save it out as a .png file. This helps the resolution come out much clearer.

2. Cover Photo

The Cover Photo dimensions are just about 850 x 315 pixels, so starting with that size of a canvas can help you really figure out how you want to design your Cover Photo for your company, agency, or your client. Then, from there, it’s pretty much free rein of how you want to showcase your brand. I’ve seen anywhere from a collage type photo with a lot of different pictures in one to a simple photo that shares what your company does best.

Tip: Again, a .png file comes out with a better resolution, especially if you’re using a white background.

Now it’s time to get creative! Here are a view of my favorite layouts (besides the big brands) thus far:

Agency Entourage (A single photo)

Agency Entourage Timeline Profile

Dallas Market Center (A collage with various size photos)

Dallas Market Center Facebook Timeline Profile

Hillwood Communities (A “neater” collage with similar size photos and one big photo on the right)

Hillwood Communities Facebook Profile Timeline

What have been your favorite Timeline layouts so far? Share in the comments below!

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