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At every great conference that you attend, there is more information than you can take in. SXSW makes it even harder to keep things organized because of all the great events and parties that compete with the education part.

No fear though. You can have a great time networking and creating killer ideas if you have a plan.

Content capturing plan

The firehouse of information coming at you this weekend is the first thing to get handled. The easiest way to capture info so that it gets implemented when you return, is to create and area in your notes for implementation.

As you are listening intently to the speaker, furiously writing down all the juicy nuggets, write doen things in a free flow form. Record all the great thoughts and tactics onto your notes reporter style so that you don’t miss anything. Once the session is wrapped take a few minutes to look over your thoughts and create 1-2 actions you can take home for your company.

This gives you the flexibility to think and record during the speakers message and apply that info when you aren’t in danger of missing something good.


Finding and creating new relationships at SXSW is what most people find the most rewarding about this event. There are opportunities to meet vendors, future clients, partners and maybe even friends. What’s the best way to make that happen?

Listen to people around to find good meet ups. While the apps and schedules are very helpful to find the major hangouts, the best meetings often happen outside the schedule. Imagine actually setting down electronics at an interactive conference! Peel yourself away form the laptop and smartphone for just a few minutes to find out where the action is.

Next you should talk to everyone who will listen. Most people who come to SX are looking to creat new relationships and ideas. This is the perfect opportunity to be the social butterfly that you are, or come out of your shell. This is a safe place 🙂

Capture information in LinkedIn or Twitter that you want to keep in touch with. This seems obvious, but it will be bought to find people after the fact when you don’t remember last names or companies. Pick a network and fill up your friends list!

That’s all it takes to make your trip productive and a fun one too!

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