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The beginning of the new year is the perfect time for digital marketers to line up monthly meetings with their clients. Instead of scrambling around and half-heartedly preparing a meeting agenda moments before you walk in the door, be prepared and follow our meeting prep steps. You’ll walk out of your meeting knowing you “crushed it.”

1. Set the date

Determine the date, time and location of your client meeting well ahead of time in order to give yourself a few days or weeks to prepare. If needed, send an event invite. After the date is set, designate the days leading up to the meeting that you will need to gather meeting materials. Send an email to your client the day before the meeting reminding them of the time they should expect you.

2. Set Expectations

Create a detailed agenda for you as well as your clients to refer to during the meeting. Print out a copy for each meeting attendant plus a couple extra. It may also help to have your own version with additional talking points if needed. Keep the agenda clear and concise. It is what you will use to lead the meeting and keep your client on track. In case of a digression, the agenda is your road map.

3. Day of the Meeting

Dress professionally! Gather all necessary paperwork well before the meeting and leave with plenty of time to spare. If the meeting will be held in your office, prepare accordingly. Don’t forget: meeting agenda, notebook, pen, computer or tablet (if necessary) and any other documentation needed to review during the meeting.

4. During the Meeting

Take advantage of the opportunity to converse face-to-face with your client; the majority of your discussion could be potential content for their campaign. Don’t waste any time and start taking notes the moment the meeting starts. You will need to refer to these later and it obviously shows your client that you are in tune with what they are telling you. Also, take in your surrounding if you meet your client at their office. Is there a new award displayed? Did they recently renovate or expand? These are both potential topics for Facebook, Twitter or a blog.

5. Immediately Following

Within 12 hours or less, send a meeting summary to everyone who attended the meeting. Address what was discussed, what you’re planning to do and what your client needs to do. Refer to this email often in order to stay on top of what needs to be done before the next meeting.

In our digitally-savvy world, nothing beats the time you get to meet with a client face-to-face. There’s no better opportunity for your client to get to know the personality behind the emails and see the expert who is handling their digital marketing campaign. Use this time to propose new ideas and position yourself as a leader in the industry. In other words, “Crush it!”

If you’d like to work with a Dallas marketing agency who routinely meets with clients and always has new strategies and out-of-the-box ideas to share, call Agency Entourage. 214-414-3035

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