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How to drop a pin on google maps

You know that it’s possible to drop a pin on Google Maps with your iPhone or Android, but you can’t figure out exactly how to do it. I’ll admit it. I found myself in this exact situation about two weeks ago when I had to park my car about a mile away from an event I was attending. 

I got out of the car and opened up my trusty Google Maps app only to find out I couldn’t remember how to drop a pin. This is what inspired me to write this blog about how to drop a pin on Google Maps. It turns out doing this is super easy to do.

How To Drop A Pin on Google Maps

Open Google Maps
This part should be pretty simple.

Find The Location You Want To Pin
The underlining reason to pin something on Google Maps is to remember where something is.  This step assumes you’re in one of two possible situations. You’re either trying to get to your destination or back to it.


Drop pin on Google Maps 

  • If you’re about to head to a location that you need to drop a pin to, you will have to find the location on the search bar on Google Maps. Type in an address or a location of somewhere in the vicinity of your destination. Once you have located it continue to the next step.
  • Are you in the situation I found myself in? You need to drop a pin on Google Maps to remember where you parked or where something is. Click the little, triangular icon at the bottom right of the app. 

Drop Your Pin

Google Pin

This is the part you’re looking for. Now that you’ve found your location, it’s time to mark it. Place your thumb on the location and hold it there for a second or two. Boom! Your pin has been placed!  

Luckily, I made it back to my car and I hope you get to your location too!

Do you own a business that is showing up weird on Google Maps? We can fix that issue and help your customers literally find you.  Give us a call at (214) 414-3035 or message us on Facebook or Twitter. We can’t wait to talk with you!

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