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We’ve all seen it, nonsensical photos hogging your feed on a business’s page. How many more photos of the owner’s cat must we have to see? You’re sure to never be “that page” if you follow these quick guides to optimize the top photo social media sites for your business.

Pinterest – Using Pinterest for your brand has been a great tool since its inception in 2010, but now that they have created business pages, it’s even easier to get your brand out there!

Agency Entourage Guide to Photo Social Media

  • Add a Pin it Button to your individual blog posts online to grow your following.
  • Track what people are pinning. Utilize the search bar to find what products or aspects of your website people are pinning the most.
  • Use follow buttons and board widgets to draw users from one of your pages to another and grow your following.

Instagram – With more than 80 million current users, this photo social media site is perfect for sharing your brands photos.

  • The same as any social media platform, don’t post too many photos too often.
  • Use the same name as your Twitter handle to help users identify your brand.
  • Hashtag responsibly by using a few relevant tags to the photo.

Facebook – You may not automatically think of Facebook as being a top photo site, but in case you haven’t noticed, photos are everywhere!

  • “Highlight” photos in your photo stream to break up the content and create interest.
  • Link to your photo stream page to show off your photos in a whole new way.
  • Photos are the most engaging content that you can have. When was the last time you shared a photo? An all-text status?
  • Take advantage of the cover photo and make a collage, like this one from Sandlin Homes.

How do you use these top social media photo sites for your business? Let us know below or on our Facebook page!
If your photos aren’t doing all they can for your business, contact Agency Entourage today to help you optimize photography for your social media.

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