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As a marketer, analytics are key to the success of any campaign. In fact, at Agency Entourage our 2014 mantra is “you can’t measure what you don’t track.” That’s why our office is abuzz with excitement over the release of Instagram Marketing Insights! See all you need to know below:

instagram marketing insights

Photo from Instagram Business

Real-time results

Monitoring a campaign as it’s running is a great advantage. You’re able to optimize message, strategy and money spend as results generate.

Sort paid and organic post results

ROI is the name of the game, and with this feature marketers will be able to better determine how money is best spent.

Visible Impressions

Let’s not forget Instagram is in fact a Facebook-owned social platform. That means not everyone sees all your pictures. This tool would allow you to see just why tons or none of your followers liked your post.

Ad Insights

New Instagram analytics will show impressions, reach and frequency of posts. This is one Facebook feature we actually can’t wait to see on the platform!

Ad Collaboration

Instagram’s “Ad Staging” allows marketing teams to work on the same ad. This even features “preview” and “save” functions. 

Instagram ads and insights are set to be available at the end of 2014. For now, both are a limited release. If you need help with your brands Instagram marketing, contact us to get your strategy ready before the new insights release!

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