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Photo Credit: mr. nightshade via Compfight ccIf you work in digital marketing you come across a ton of unique challenges those in the “real world” never think about. It’s these industry specific hurdles that strengthen our bonds with other American Marketing Association members. One of my personal favorites is when I find myself in the “what photo am I going to use for this blog or social post” dilemma.  Instead of wasting an hour of my time prospecting the depths of the Internet, I automatically go to compfight.com.

Compfight is truly a nugget of gold amongst all the other clutter online. It’s a visual search engine that caters to bloggers, social media gurus and designers. It helps you locate the perfect picture while keeping you and your brand safe with Creative Commons licenses.

Outfitting your blog with photos is easy with Compfight. It’s similar to Google Images in the way you search for something, but the results you see come straight from Flickr. This means you can find higher quality, legal (if cited properly) and much more specific images.

Next time you need quality, free photos, check out Compfight. We love it.

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