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It probably comes as no surprise that Pinterest continues to experience a rapid growth in users each and every day. Its revenue is on the rise, page views are at an all time high and current users are breaking the typical demographic mold. Yes, even men have started using the platform! Basically, Pinterest creators have figured out what they are doing and they have learned to do it very, very well.  Now if only I could create a social media platform that would become insanely popular…

It’s no secret that we love infographics here at Agency Entourage– just look at our “We <3 Infographics” Pinterest board dedicated to showcasing some of our favorites. We even went as far as to publish our own digital marketing trends report infographic for SXSW 2012.

In continuing with our infographic love, here is a pinteresting (haha) infographic from Mashable that breaks down Pinterest’s successes and improvements since it first started. I love that it also compares each section to Facebook and Twitter to show where the platform stands in comparison to the other major social site moguls.

Here you go- read it, love it, PIN IT!

Interest in Pinterest Continues to Soar Infographic from Mashable

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