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madison payne, agency entourage internshipHey everyone! My name is Madison Payne, and I am from Nacogdoches, Texas. It’s a tiny town, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you have never heard of it! I am a rising senior and a double major in Advertising and Creative Media (TV, Film & Radio). I am also pursuing a “specialization” in Entertainment Media through my college. I am so excited to intern at Agency Entourage this summer!

So Why Advertising? Why AE?

When I decided to attend Texas Tech, I was utterly lost as far as what I wanted to major in. I began my freshman year as a business major. After my advisor showed me the list of finance, accounting and economics classes I would need to take in the years to come, I immediately wanted to change majors. I have always had a creative side to me, and my Dad suggested Advertising, so I decided to give it a try. Turns out, I ended up loving it! I have enjoyed every class, job and experience, and I know this is the field for me. I added Creative Media as well because I have always dreamed of working on films or on television!

This year I will also be serving as President of Tech Advertising Federation, also known as TAF. TAF is Texas Tech’s chapter of the American Advertising Federation, which I have been a member of since I was a Sophomore. This past February, I traveled to Dallas to tour about ten agencies with a group of fellow TAF members. One of the agencies we toured was Agency Entourage! While visiting, I met Ben Randolph and Rich Alfano and learned a lot about the company. I enjoyed the tour so much that I decided to apply for this internship, and now I’m here!

What About My Passions?

In my spare time, I am usually hanging out with friends. We love going to Texas Tech football and basketball games. In fact, my favorite tradition on game days is that everyone sneaks tortillas into the stadium and throws them onto the field at kickoff. I know it is bizarre, and I don’t know why that ever became a thing, but it is hilarious when you see hundreds of tortillas flying through the air! I also love to travel. One day I hope that I can travel a lot more and go to some really cool places. My dream vacation right now would be to go to Bali!

I am also very into photography and videography. My latest video was a drone video over Texas Tech. It got over 6,000 views on LinkedIn and Facebook, which was really cool!

What’s Next?

I will graduate in May 2021, and I am hoping to go into agency life or work in television. I am not entirely sure yet, because I really enjoy both, but I plan on just waiting and seeing what opportunities come my way! Both industries have casual vibes and require a go-getter and hardworking attitude, which I really enjoy. While I wouldn’t be opposed to staying in Texas, specifically the Dallas and Austin areas, I love the idea of going somewhere far. But for now, you can catch me at home in Nacogdoches, playing with my new puppy, and enjoying working at Agency Entourage!

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